The Women Empowered Leadership Conference offers a unique experience to high school girls in Mississippi and the surrounding region. This intense, hands-on conference promotes young women taking on the role of leader in their communities.

WE Lead will be hosting its annual conference again this summer for high school women who are currently sophomore and juniors. The conference will be held on Mississippi State University’s campus in the Shackouls Honors College and Griffis Residence Hall. WE Lead 2018 will be hosted July 16-20.

Mississippi State University and its Shackouls Honors College understand the need for women in leadership for our community and nation to grow in the near future. WE Lead encourages young women to pursue higher education in the STEM fields and humanities, expand upon entrepreneurship in the business sector, and aspire to be our nation’s next great political leaders. In addition, WE Lead encourages women to become more involved in their communities through service and health and global awareness, while also pursuing a course of study in higher education.

This conference teaches young women necessary communication skills, networking practices, and team building tactics. It also explores roles of leadership and professions that the women can pursue in their futures. Accomplished professional women from various fields including education, medicine, engineering, history, politics, business, and more will be speak in order to enhance the participants’ learning process. Moreover, the young women will further their experience by participating in a day of service, self-evaluations, and a culminating group project.

While at the conference, the young women will build friendships, give back to their communities, and develop fundamental leadership abilities. Furthermore, they will gain the confidence and skills necessary to pursue their dreams.

The application form for WE Lead 2018 will close Wednesday, April 25, 2018. The 2018 program cost will be $50 once the young woman is accepted.

For questions or concerns, please contact us.

- Isabella Durham and Mary Lee
2018 Conference Directors

WE Lead Mission
WE Lead encourages young high school women to pursue higher education, community involvement, and leadership positions. We hope to instill key leadership qualities through our summer conference in hopes for a better Mississippi and a better tomorrow.